Hobbyking flash sale- KEDA 63-64 190KV (90A max) USD$36.3

Hey everyone

Sorry for the late notice but it looks like hobbyking is having a flash sale (available for the next few hours) on KEDA 63-64 190KV motors for ~$36.3 USD. These appear to be a nock off of ‘hacker’ branded motors, but are likely of a lower build quality. However, with a ‘rated’ maximum current of 90A and 190kv they appear to be your best ‘torque-for-your-dollar’ to be found at the moment. Stock is still available in the Australia warehouse.

Anyway, if your looking to pick up a motor for the next o-drive batch this could be worth a look.


Sweet! I bought 4 xP.
Though I think the ODrive may have some issues pushing 90A continuous (my interpretation of the current ratings on these motors is that they are closer to continous-with-a-grain-of-salt than burst). But nothing wrong with running the motor cool, especially when it’s this cheap ;D.

Ok great =)

I picked up a couple myself and they should arrive in the next few days. I will compare them to the SK3 5055-280kv motors I already have on my V3.2 board and see how they compare.

I just had another look and it appears the sale is still ongoing and there is still stock available. If people cant see stock make sure to switch to the Australian site using the bar at the top of the HK website to see the availability.

All sold out by the time I got the email :frowning:

Just got it. The thing is a beast!

It looks like there is still stock in the Australian warehouse but after another look it appears they do not ship outside of Australia unfortunately.

This appears to be the supplier of the motors on Alibaba. Minimum qty order of 1 so there is a chance you could pick up these motors even more cheaply depending on how low the manufacture is willing to go.

Motors arrived today. As expected they are quite a bit bigger than the SK3 280KV that I already have. They turn smoothly in the hand but the finish is no where as nice as the SK3’s with obvious scuff marks around the edges where the accessories have been rubbing against the motors in the box with out enough padding. Still well worth the money though. Only the one photo below as a new user can’t upload more than that at a time. The rest can be found here.

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I have this motor:

is this better then the keda motor or should I stick with the motor I have?

Cheers Stijn