Holding position performance

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4ltHDpxrbI so what happened at around 10:35? Is that the motor and parameters are not configured properly or it’s a firmware issue that can not be resolved or improved easily?

He didn’t do any tuning, so yeah the parameters are not configured properly. If done properly it would be rock solid.

That exact video was how I discovered Odrive. I love that guy, he has some excellent YT videos and he’s very knowledgeable…EXCEPT when it comes to tuning a servo loop. I actually was quite frustrated by this because it conveys the wrong impression.
He has another example where the axis is oscillating like crazy…he was using P and FULL TIME I and stated that the D term is hardly ever used!!! I corrected him in the comments on this one…Heck it’s P&D in every case, in my experience and I only ever introduce the integral with the axis at steady state.