Holding torque in closed loop control


I’m trying to limit the rotation of my motor when he’s holding a position (I’m using the D5065 270KV).

I’ve tried to increase the current limit to 65 A but it’s still not fighting hard enough.
Is there anything else I could try, like maybe increasing the gain of the position loop?


Yes of course, both position and velocity gains will help (i.e. the current will increase faster, for small changes in position), but once the current reaches 65A it’s not going to push any harder no matter what gain you set.
Presumably if it sits at 65A too long, smoke will come out of the motor?
In that case, you need a bigger motor.
I personally really like the 8318 form factor motors for torque. e.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32364452023.html

Smoke is not coming out, hopefully. The max torque that my motor has to give is 1 Nm, using this relation torque = 8.27 * Current [A] / KV it should be around 35 A.

As you said, I think the gains are the issue, I’ll try to tweak them monday. Thanks!