Hollow Shaft Motors

Hello all

I’ve been looking around, and haven’t found a good solution in this regard, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I’m working on building a robot manipulator. The plan is to control all the joints with ODrives, running ROS2, and brushless DC motors.

The gearing I selected happens to have a hollow core, which is perfect for wiring such a robot, as it greatly reduces complexity.

Just inquiring as to whether anyone has found any reasonably high torque (3nm or so) brushless DC motors. Even better would be ones that include encoders, though this is not required.

Thanks for your input


Hi there! Sounds like a cool project :slight_smile:

Usually Cubemars is a good place to look for robot motors. Something like an RLS Orbis could be a good through bore encoder for Pro/S1/Micro – and we plan to add AksIm-II support to the ODrive Pro in the near future.