I want to Home the axis
have some issues:

In [53]: AxisState.HOMING
Out[53]: <AxisState.HOMING: 11>

only gives me back the state 11, no motion

If I do autohoming after startup it does it correct

I need to trigger the Homing via uart ascii
how is the command ?

the homing motion is very inconsistent and wobbly, the motorcalibration is much smother, can I setup the homing motion ? current ?

I just managed to have it working without calibrating the encoder offset at the startup but then it has less position holding current and depending of the motorposition it can not do the homing (makes a jump-like move in the opposite direction and stops working).
Homing still only works with
“odrv0.axis0.config.startup_homing = 1”
does nothing

So I need to use
“odrv0.axis0.config.startup_encoder_offset_calibration = 1”
or does this also increase the motorcurrent which I can increase manually ?

startup_encoder_offset_calibration hast one problem: if the start position is to close to the endswitch, the calibration will trigger the endswitch and stop the system

Homingsequence only does trigger the endstop once, resulting in slightly variing motorpositions after homing, can this be done with several triggerevents ?

I’m on version 0.5.1

thx 4 help