HOMING does not reset at MIN_ENDSTOP

It looks like the encoder setpoint does not zero when endstop is pressed.


odrv0.config.gpio7_mode = 0 
odrv0.axis1.min_endstop.config.gpio_num = 7
odrv0.axis1.min_endstop.config.is_active_high = True
odrv0.axis1.min_endstop.config.debounce_ms = 200
odrv0.axis1.min_endstop.config.enabled = True
odrv0.axis1.min_endstop.config.offset = -3
odrv0.axis1.controller.config.homing_speed = -2

I saw some people working with the Devel branch, this seems like a lot of work to get into.
Is it possible to get a regular firmware download with this updated?

It should work on master. Actually it sets the position to offset not zero.