Hookup wire for gimbal motor

Preparing to work with a gimbal motor on the ODrive. When I recieved the GM5208-200 motor I was surprised to see the tiny little pins for the motor connections (2.54mm pitch)!

I don’t want to have to mess with the RF choke and thick wire I have connected to my odrive so I made an adaptor. I looked for what I had around and found some Elegoo jumper wires, but have heard these are not real copper (why theyre a pain in the butt to solder). I connected some 22AWG hookup wire to these (also of unknown provenance but hopefully better than the Elegoo jumpers), then attached this to some banana/bullet connectors.

Is this generally what people do when they experiment with gimbal motors on the odrive? I would hate to get bad results just because of bad wiring.