Hover motor starting issue

Hello all,
I’m using v3.6 compatible board and have some issue with starting the motor.
As seen in below video, the motor does not start smoothly and jerky at starting.
The motor is in velocity control mode.
No errors in odrv0
Velocity integral gain is 0.5

Do you have any issues like this? If so how did you solve the problem?

Hi Kyubot,

If your PID gains are properly tuned and you’re still getting this response, the board may be having issues with hall sensor signal integrity – this was a common issue with ODrive v3.6. I’d recommend adding 22nF capacitors between each hall line and ground close to the board, and using ferrite rings on the motor phase leads.

Hi @solomondg
Thanks for your comment. I actually put 0.1uF cap between the hall sensor and gnd as you mentioned.
Will check the hall line again and see if there is any noise exists.

0.1uF is much too high - it should be around 22-47nF.

This issue actually resolved by increasing vel_gain and vel_integrator_gain about 10 times from previous setup.
I guess the motor need a little steep increase of currents at the beginning.