Hoverboard motor acceleration control

I’m using two hoverboard wheels to drive a 3 wheeled golf cart and controlling the wheels with velocity control with ranges from 0 to 350 counts/second. Everything is working well except I am hoping to reduce the “jerkiness” on accel and decel.

An example of the “jerkiness” is when I send a command to go from 0 to 50 cps, the cart takes off at full torque, exceeds the target velocity, slows down below target, and then back to the target velocity. Similar jerkiness happens on decel where the cart will start going backward before stabilizing at zero speed.

I would say I have the gains set pretty stiff, (about 3x the starting gains in the hoverboard guide for both v gain and v integrator),in an effort to keep both wheels in sync as they hit disturbances like wet grass, or gravity when traversing a side hill. Wheels are on the edge of chatter with current gains, and will chatter at zero speed with no load.

I thought ramped velocity control would help, but couldn’t get it to work with any sort of control, jsut constant chatter. I assume the hall sensors don’t provide enough resolution to use this control method at the low speeds i am using.

I guess i could try turning down the max current but i like having the extra power when i have to go up hills or power through thick grass.

Has anyone had any success running in ramped velocity mode with hoverboard motors? If yes, please let me know your situation.

Otherwise, any suggestions to change configuration or tuning to smooth out the accelerations?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ramped velocity control should work fine… how are you setting it up?