Hoverboard motor in CLOSED_LOOP_CONTROL vibrates when overpowered

Hi, im working on a control loading project
i have a cheap hover board motor, ive connected it and configured it following the DOCS guide
im using the integrated hall effect sensor
ive set it in closed_loop_control, and works fine.
the motor holds its position. ive played with different current limits and with some gains to tune the forces.
the only issue ive seen is when i hold the motor overpowering it , it “jerks” or “vibrates” trying to go back to the original position

im aiming to get a smooth force, not this.
is this the case of using a better encoder, or just this kind of motor is not made for this?
any way to improve this?
thanks again,

Hall effect sensors are insufficient for position control. Upgrade to an encoder, or use velocity or current control.