Hoverboard Motor | Speed Variation


I am using Hoverboard Motors with 2400CPR Encoders.

I am facing several issues given below:

1.) There is a lag of roughly 0.5-1 sec lag between odrive reacting to the values given to the controller
2.) There is a lot of variation in the speed of the motor. Eg. when the motor is set to 1m/s the speed is oscilating from 0.5m/s to 1/5m/s.

Just wanted to know if these are normal and if not … How these can be improved.

Also the PID tuning parameters for the same are as below:

Vel_Gain = 2
Vel_Integrator_Gain = 25
Position Gain = 12
Encoder Bandwidth = 1000

The reason for the above gains is that the hoverboard motors were used in an agv where the motors needed to be agile.