Hoverboard motor stuck and Odrive not responding

Hi, I am using Odrive and pair of hoverboard motors on a segway. We have problem that already happened three times.

I have both motors and encoders precalibrated. Sometimes both motor get stuck ( happens mostly when motors are under load). One phase is permanently switched on. Cables are getting warm and Odrive is not responding to Odrivetool. We are using UART for communication with microcontroller. I had to disconnect the battery.

This is some serious issue. What can cause this problem?

Odrive: HW 3.6, SW 5.1.

It sounds like a commutation issue - the encoder may have slipped, or may have missed pulses due to noise.
What kind of encoder are you using?

Also please try the fw-v0.5.2rc1 branch, it should handle this condition (with an error) and shut off the drive

It’s hall type encoder from hub wheels. I have 22nF capacitors on encoders.

I implemented checksum for getting position information from Odrive and I noticed that I got checksum error when motors are under load and also when changing direction. Can this cause noise on UART? How we can eliminate this noise from motors?

Yes, it can cause noise, and UART is not designed to deal with noise. Does your controller have CAN?

Have you tried using the ferrite rings from the shop?

Not yet. I ordered some from Mouser. I will test them this week.

I will also test the new FW.