Hoverboard motor temperature sensor

Does anyone know how to convert the signal off the white wire (in the group of encoder wires) into degrees?

Usually, NTC is connected between white and black(or red) wire to sense temperature.
place pull-up(or pull-down) resistor and use ADC to get it’s resistance. If you know it’s parameters It’s easy to calculate temperature in degree(there are many example codes, arduino, etc.). If you don’t, you can do calibration on more than 3 temperature and expect it’s parameters.

Hey hwpark- and thanks for replying.
Inside the motor, I inspected the hall-sensor PCB; there is no visible NTC component- what I do see is x3 NPN transistors (5551) wired in some “diode-connected” scheme .
I know that “diode-connected” transistors are used in current mirrors can provide a voltage drop that tracks the other transistor as temperature changes, but I’m unsure this is the case nor the voltage conversion off the white wire signal.