Hoverboard motors not calibrating

So I got the current devel firmware and tools loaded, and have connected a hoverboard motor, its hall effect encoder, and a 36v battery. standard 6.5 hoverboard wheels

Followed the commands on the hoverboard howto, and all looks fine until the motor calibration command. no other commands used other than an erase after the firmware flash.

Sometimes i when running it i get a beep and the motor ‘twitches’, then either a dc bus under or over voltage error, other times nothing seems to happen at all, no motor error or beep or response on the console

Where to start troubleshooting?

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What power supply are you using?

3x 12v sealed lead acid batteries in series, multimeter measures just over 36V

Can you attach an oscilloscope to the power input during operation and see how stable the voltage is?

I’ve been looking for an excuse to pull the trigger on an oscilliscope, have now got one on order. Will report back once it arrives.


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