How configure mode ppm RC in odrive v3.6

hello, good afternoon, I’m new to this and I just bought a couple of odrive v3.6 boards for a robot that I’ll do with ROS, right now first I’d like to configure the RC communication with the odrive, but I can’t find how to configure the ppm mode to be able to send the RC signals from the receiver over a single cable.

Thanks for your help

Odrive supports RC PWM, but not PPM. Neither of these are very good for robotics though, where you need to be able to report the actual position, and sometimes torque, back to the application. And you need a bit more precision than just a thumb stick percentage.
Could you use CAN instead?

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Thanks for your help, ppm or pwm is for when I need to move the robot in mode (manual or with RC control) for use with ROS I was thinking of connecting via USB to the computer which would be running ROS or is it better by another means?

USB is great but it is best for configuration, commissioning, testing, and debugging. CAN is much more reliable for real-time control.

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