How feasible is to synchronize two BLDC with Odrive at 12,000 rpm with less than 3-5 degree phase difference?

I understand that similar question has been asked before. However, in my case, considering loads are consistent in both motors, I want to know if it is possible or not.

I need to rotate two shafts in opposite direction which are very very identical to each other in terms of both load and inertia. (double output shaft at that rpm is too difficult to find). The motor and shafts are directly connected and the rate of change of rpm is also very low - 420 rpm to 12000 rpm in 15 minutes logarithmic sweep. I am planning to use BLDC motor with Odrive as controller. But I am not sure how much precision can I get with them.

In my case, just rpm sync won’t work but I need phase sync also between two motors. How feasible is it? Three degree isn’t a hard set value but something that I want to achieve. I haven’t done anything like this before but I am willing to try. Any thing I should keep in mind?

You can try using “circular position mode” and commanding positions and velocities simultaneously.

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