How to choose encoder motor run at 0.5 to 800 RPM

New here. Sorry, this should be in support.

For 24V motor with says, 1024 per revolution sensor

A. How many magnetic poles are suitable

B. Is it correct that 1024 step sensors can run smoothly at near zero speed of 0.5 RPM or even slower?

C. What other parameter I need to match a motor.

  1. As state in some motor specification,
    is 1024 step sensor, refer to quadratic, 2 lines outputing square wave, 90 degrees apart as in below?

Thank you

Hey Wilson,

Usually “1024 resolution” encoders are either 1024 or 4096 CPR.

The number of motor poles doesn’t matter, you’ll configure the ODrive with this number and it’ll handle the rest :slight_smile:

Yes, an incremental encoder with this high of a resolution will allow operation near zero speed.