How to combine different mode together

After reading the description of the encoder AS5047D,I notice that the SPI interface for absolute position control via the HALL MODE (or other mode? i have no idea since the firmware I download has just this two) while the ABI for relative via INCREMENTAL MODE. At that time ,the encoder can use that two interface in the meantime.

So I get the idea of use SPI at the setup for an absolute position so the motor can get a specify position at every setup ,and then use ABI for incremental control from then on as it can reduce error.May this work?

However , it seems that the mode must set accurately in the encoder.hpp ,as a result , I cannot use this two mode together. My question is : must I create a new mode for this (it sounds difficult for me)
or set a state mechine to convert the different mode ?

Thank you for your answer.

We have some experimental support for the SPI absolute encoders including the AS5047D. You should ask @wetmelon on the discord how to try that out.