How to run multiple ODrives with different Python sessions on the same computer


With reference to a previous topic which I opened a couple of weeks ago on this forum, I’d like to know how I can run multiple ODrive + Python sessions on the same computer (specifically, on an Ubuntu machine).

What I understand is that, normally, all ODrives USB connections are claimed by the first odrivetool/odrive library run on the machine.

I did find out that if one session of Python is running on an already connected ODrive, I can later connect a second ODrive, and let it be found by a second session of Python, thus achieving my desire of having 2 Python sessions controlling 2 ODrive simultaneously. However, this resulted, in a few hours of running, into a SYSTEM_ERROR (as per linked topic).

What I’d like to know is how I could do this properly. I’m now considering using Docker containers, but I have no experience with that, and I’m unsure of the shortcomings I might thus encounter for connecting to ODrive.

For reference, this diagram shows what I’d like to achieve:

Could my approach work? Are there existing examples/suggestions you could provide?
I have 3 setups, each with an ODrive, which I’d like controlled by the same Ubuntu machine…

Thank you in advance.