How to run without motor calibration?

i want to know how to let odrive run a motor without run_calibration process.
i can input p_gain i_gain, phase_resistance and phase_inductance by my self.
but i don’t have current measured.
i’ve found that the odrive control loop run open loop control before current controller.
so that , if i don;t have current measured. still can’t run openloop mode .

Hi, If you’re confident in your values for phase_resistance and phase_inductance you can bypass the motor calibration by setting:

{odrv}.axis0.config.motor.phase_resistance = {your phase_resistance value}
{odrv}.axis0.config.motor.phase_resistance_valid = True

{odrv}.axis0.config.motor.phase_inductance = {your phase_inductance value}
{odrv}.axis0.config.motor.phase_inductance_valid = True

You cannot bypass the encoder calibration, unless you are running sensorless.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to run open loop?

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