I2C communication

Hello to the community, I am trying to make a master-slave connection through I2C with Odrive v3.6 56v board, did someone do this or have information? Through the oDrive tool, I have activated I2C with

enable_i2c_instead_of_can = True

and it comes out like this:


I don’t know how to continue, thanks for your help

You will also have to remove the CAN transceiver from the board and jump the appropriate I2C pins I2C communication Arduino <-> ODrive

Thank you very much for the reply! As shown in the diagram, solder two cables to the corresponding pins CAN R and CAN D but I can’t communicate with the arduino …
Regarding the link, I followed the steps enable_i2c_instead_of_can = TRUE
reboot () but it doesn’t work :roll_eyes:. There is some other configuration by anaconda prompt? Thank you

As I understand, for I2C communication, it is needed to remove the CAN transceiver (UI – VP232 chip) from the board and connect CAN D line to CAN H and CAN R line to CAN L. Then we can use I2C communication with Arduino or any other board with connections;

Am I correct ? :thinking:

Of course I did that but it does not work, enabling i2c and restarting by anaconda this keeps appearing:


and in arduino:

That’s why I ask if something else needs to be configured for anaconda. Cheers