Impedance control and Haptics


Quite a lot of people have individually told me they are working on or are interested in impedance control or haptics. So I thought I’d make this thread for the people with this interest to come forward and introduce themselves; to open up the discourse about the subject, connect and share ideas.

What are you working on? What are your requirements for your application? What kind of features would you like to see on ODrive to help you with this?

Btw, you guys are awesome and doing some really cool stuff. Thanks for choosing ODrive for your research ;D


Ok I’ll start. I have a project (for which I have yet to buy an ODrive) that I will use a cable robot to provide g force feedback to the helmet of a racer in a motion sim. The o drive will get commands from sim tools ( and apply a force (via torque mode) to a ball joint on the helmet in surge, sway, and heave(x,y,z translation). Its going to be the worlds simplest cable robot because the sim racer will handle all position requirements.

picture this

plus this




Would impedance control effectively just be a control loop where
current = K * acceleration ? Plus maybe some damping?

This is analogous to F = ma, so you’re just creating a virtual mass.

Seems like for the racecar helmet sim, you wouldn’t need this type of control. I would think it would just be applying forces, so just directly applying currents.