Incremental encoder. Calibration. zero point exit

Hello! I am using ODrive 3.6. I want to run a motor with an incremental encoder without a Z signal. My motor has 2 pairs of poles. If you use the encoder calibration, then we get a large jump in the motor shaft, since the motor goes into one of two stable states in my case, this is the zero point, the encoder itself is already calibrated in it, I configure the calibration trajectory in encoder.config.calib_scan_distance. After calibration, the motor runs well. I save the settings in memory. But after turning off the power, the motor shaft stops in an arbitrary position and I have to calibrate again, otherwise I have many problems, ranging from high consumption currents to a mismatch between the specified and actual direction of rotation of the shaft. How can you shorten the trajectory at the initial moment of time, namely the trajectory of reaching a stable state? Since my motor rotates 360 electrical degrees, which is unsatisfactory for me. What calibration methods are there?

If movement during calibration is not appropriate, I would suggest using an absolute encoder.

Hi! Thank you for your help! If I use an absolute encoder, then after turning on the power (I will calibrate the encoder earlier and save the data to memory) will the motor work correctly? Without any preliminary movements? I would like that after turning on the power, I could immediately switch to Closed Loop Control and in this mode control the motor by position/speed.