Inductive Sin/cos Position Sensor

Hi Everyone, Just wondering if its possible to use a Renesas IPS2200 Inductive Sin/Cos Position Sensor with the Odrive?
Renesas IPS2200 Data sheet

Yes, it should be compatible. This sensor is centered on 1.65V if powered by 3.3V, so it should work.

Thanks for the reply Wetmelon. The chips cost roughly $16 AUD and the target can be just a PCB with a printed copper layer. Due to the customizability of the target and the coils it seems to be fairly versatile. Is there any instructions on how to setup the Odrive to use sin/cos encoders?

Set encoder.config.mode = MODE_SINCOS ODrive.Encoder.Mode | ODrive

Thanks Wetmelon. Sorry for all the questions there isn’t much information on using a Sin/Cos encoder in the Odrive docs. Is there a way to tell the Odrive how many periods the sin/cos encoder has? I’m just thinking of matching the number of encoder periods to the number of motor pole pairs to increase the accuracy of the encoder.

Are resolvers sin cos supported.

No, resolvers are not supported. You would need to use an “R-D converter”.

Thanks I saw on a different thread that someone in Russia had implemented it.

I was interested in the subject because my work place is doing repairs on servo motors Now.
As you could imagine there are a lot of resolvers in industry, and was thinking of trying to set up a test rig.
Thanks for your prompt reply to.
You have been very helpful

No. You’d need to make it 1:1 or trick it by telling it there’s fewer motor pole_pairs.

That worked for me. Thank you!

Oh? You’re one of the few people with sin/cos. It just seems to work with no issues? Do you think you could drop us a .csv file or at least a screenshot of some of the encoder values? I’m curious to know how noisy the signal is.