Input current vs phase current

I have input limit of 12v-30a(360w) but the motor I’m using operates around stall a lot of the time. when at stall the voltage is super low but I pull almost 60amps continuous. I understand the difference between motor current and input current and its shown in the image below. My thought is if I set the motor current limit up at 60amps and the motor is then commanded a high velocity with high load the voltage will rise and I will exceed my input wattage. Thoughts?

I’m not sure what the question is. You’re right. You’ll exceed your input power. Get a bigger power supply? :stuck_out_tongue:

or do you want to limit motor power?

The plan is to put this on a boat so I’m limited to 12v30a. Hoping to find a way to limit dc input bus current. I thought a saw a parameter, I will check in the morning.

Could you use a battery as a reservoir to take the strain during extra loads depending on time above 60A, size of boat for the battery, etc?

The limit is actually the wiring on the boat the battery can take much more. Unfortunately I really dont have room to add a large battery pack. This was a major issue I notice in the early Electric Vehicle controllers. these EV controls had motor limits but no input limits which lead to lots of battery problems.

I think it may be a good idea to set motor current limits and DC bus input limits.