Input pos change while motor moving leads to current limit violation

Commanding a new input pos (In a forever while lopp) while motor is moving towards a particular setpoint leads to current limit violation. I confirm that I am not changing the direction of rotation.

Eg: if setpoint is 600, In the loop its giving it a setpoint of 800 or 400 when the motor is still very far away from the setpoint.

Not sure why this happens. Also in the loop if I check the input position, the value would report something other than the position it would’ve been commanded.

Hi any updates to this? Can you confirm if changing the input_pos in the position control mode while the odrive is moving towards a setpoint is allowed?

The question is in the same direction.

Didn’t this question get answered on another thread? Feel like I’ve answered it already…

Yes, it’s absolutely allowed. In fact streaming inout_pos is the preferred control method.