Is it possible to port oDrive firmware to VESC?

I have made some PCB and successfully operation based on this design, which runs VESC firmware without modification:

it’s a simple and effective design i suppose, i have not much experience in this kind electronic design. T-motor u8 motor setup was successful, but very low torque, and AS5407P sensor was configured correctly. But it has a 1/4 degree repeatable stopping accuracy.

I wonder if people interested in porting odrive code to VESC hardware, i live in China, easy to make board but not easy to get odrive board, due to mailing and custom procedures.

My application is to make a gimbal with high tracking speed to be suitable for robotic optics sensors, e.g.:, it will integrate a 2D lidar with twist and panorama generation with two RGB cameras.

sorry to add another picture in the reply, new user could upload only one picture for the 1st post.

I thought the eagle electronic design files for odrive board where published on github somewhere.

Am i mistaken?

Could you upload a video of showing it in action?
Are you asking if the community would be interested in running Odrive code on the VESC?

hi,i am at shanghai.
which city are you from?
i need your board.

I’m also in China, GuangZhou, where are you? Your VESC board seems very good, can I get one for try?

I live in Kunming, PM me your wechat i will contact you two.

Yes, I am reading code and found oD’s configure pin conf used a #define macro to do the job.

hi,my wechat is feiyounger.

the design was done on Altium, i will check, thank you.

hi, my wechat is zhangzq71, thanks.

Hi Einzeln,
I’m also interested in your board for a project in robotics. Would it be possible to share the design file, and/or for me to buy one board? Unfortunatly I am not in China, but in Switzerland.

Hi clu,
The desgin is not mine but you can download from github

Glad to see more people interested in this project. I have only a few sample boards left, contact me via skype: einzeln00

hi I’m pretty interested in your mini vesc board. can u add my WX: sfsf112

Please PM each other for your wechat details.