Is it safe to run the ODrive on a 14s LiPo battery which reaches 58.8V when fully charged?

The ODrive Pro is designed to run at 56 V, however it can go to 58 V max, according to the docs.

A 14 cell lithium polymer batter will charge up to 4.2 V a cell and have a voltage of 58.8 V when fully charged, however, under any sort of load, this will likely sag to below 58 V.

Most of the battery’s energy would be pulled while the cells are under 4 V each, (56 V total), so is it safe to run the ODrive on a 14 cell LiPo? Or should I just charge up the battery to 4.15 V a cell?

I appreciate any assistance, I really haven’t found any information on the matter.

No, you won’t have headroom and the drive will likely be damaged. You can under-charge the battery a little, yes

Is there any specification on how much headroom we should be playing with? Should I charge up the batteries to 58 V? Or closer to 56? Or should I go below that?

I absolutely do not want to damage the odrive, but at the same time, I really need every volt I can get.

56V max nominal DC voltage on V3.6.

Only the Pro is designed to handle a 14s battery.

I apologize, one last question, I’m actually using the Pro, so does that mean I can run a 14s battery fully charged at 58.8 V?

ODrive Pro is designed to handle 14S LiPo yes (I think @Wetmelon misread your question and thought you asked about v3.6)