Is it safe to try really high power motor

Hi all,
I got myself a 3.6 56v Odrive. I testet it with 6368 motor with amt102 and it is great. In a meantime I got an unknown motor in my hands by accident. It is a PMSM from a hybric car. It is rated for 48V, and its power is around 14kw but I am not sure about it. I wonder if it is even possible to try using odrive to spin this motor (just to see if it spins). I will measure the resistance, pole count an kV soon, but I am not sure if it makes any sense. What is the general rule of how “big” the motor can be to consider using it with odrive?

It is possible! The main design constraint is the phase inductance. If it’s too low then our control will likely be unstable, but give it a try! As long as you set the current limit to a reasonable value there’s not much potential for damage