Is my odrive 24V or 48V?

i got one 3.1 and two 3.2
i’m pretty sure they are 24V but i can’t remember how to figure this out.
in the changelog it doesn’t say when that feat was introduced.

how can i figure it out ?

Currently all ODrives that don’t say 48V are 24V if they don’t have a label. I will try to make it more explicit in the future.

i huess i’ll have to order a pair of 48v version then :slight_smile:

I’m worried I was shipped the wrong board, my receipt says 48V board but my board says 24V on it :worried:

Yes I think so, I’m very sorry about that.
Please write an email to with your order number, and reference this post. When you get the new board, you can send the old board back to us, and we will refund you the cost of that shipping back. Feel free to use the 24V board to get started in the mean time, but please don’t put on the heatsinks so we can easily sell it again once we get it back.

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Will do, thanks so much for being understanding