Is Possible to switch mode between rc and usb when odrive working?

I have a question. I am making a robot that works both autonomously (ros2-usb) and with remote control (RC pwm). Is it possible to configure the odrive so that with a button it changes between this control modes while it is working?

If possible, do you have an example or guide?

Thanks in advance

You can change the PWM endpoints live, to “disable” the PWM… but I’m not sure I would recommend that. What is your use case for this?

I’ll tell you about my rober, the one I’m developing for meapear, I control it with a frsky RF control, when finish to map where it will go, the idea is to be able to send commands via usb with the factorobotics ros package via usb, so that it moves autonomously, but I don’t know how to make this change from receiving pwm to receiving commands via usb on the odrive and if is posible in odrive directly- for example botton to gpio in odrive o expecific channel on rc pwm

Why not stick to USB only, and use the ROS joystick input node for manual control where needed?