Joystick control

Hi Everyone,
I am using a Turnigy Sk3 brushless motor coupled to a gt2 belt to drive a small motion platform. So far I have control of the platform with an arduino and everything is working nicely together. I would like to add joystick control though to move the platform back and forth. I can’t think of a smooth way of doing this other than continuously adding and subtracting from the current position by a set amount. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I would integrate the joystick command into a position on the Arduino, then send the position command to the ODrive.
What rate will you be sending the setpoints to the ODrive at?

To be honest I have no clue what rate to use. I am getting the position setting right now from mics along the track and relaying it to the Odrive. I would like to then also be able to control the position of the carriage continuously once the microphone position is reached.