LEGACY_OBJ] JSON read operation failed

Hello everyone!
I’m running into this: LEGACY_OBJ] JSON read operation failed

  1. What is it attributed to?
    2)How can I fix it?
    This causes the disconnection between the motor and odrivetool, but despite this the motor continues to work but I do not have access to the odrivetool.

I recently encountered that issue. I think I may have resolved it, but I’m not entirely sure, by using a shorter, new MicroUSB cable.

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Typically this means that the ODrive was disconnected, either due to issues with the USB cable or electrical interference.

Is this an ODrive v3.6 or S1/Pro? Are you using a USB isolator?

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Hi Solomondg it is an Odrive v3.6, no yet I think I will do.
Thank you!