Linear encoder Incremental on home made linear tubular bldc motor

Hi guys.
I’m trying to find a linear encoder for a linear tubular bldc motor I built.
I’ve herd it’s recommended to have absolute type.
Prices are through the roof when it Comes to linear encoder absolute.
I got a incremental high resolution.
And can pre-order the magnetic tape with markers (indent I think it’s called)

Unfortunately me being stupid ordered the component level part and failed when fitting it.
Can someone advise of a encoder type that’s reasonable in price.
Or help out making one.
I did find one on github

I’d love to see the linear bldc motor, I have seen crude linear enconders made from old printers (optical strip, not fantastic resolution) and I’ve also seen digital callipers being used, you can take the tape out of the callipers and join several together. Again resolution - +0.01 mm and I’m not sure of refresh rate on that one, but the printer should have a higher sampling rate.
Do you have photos of your motor and details on other linear encoders?

As far as tape goes a advert just popped up on eBay .
2mm pole pitch. And suited for 1 micron.
Rls is where I got the miniature encoder
From .
It’s a rlc2hd
The ordering procedure is confusing.
And You can get set points to stick on the strip .
So I’m thinking it would help with calibration sequence.
The Encoder head needs a board to be soldered to it.
They have others that have mounting points and solder pads. Lol.
I was looking at ams as5311 adapter board.
$us 16.00
And also the as5310 but It looks like its discontinued.
But if you buy a absolute $400 +
I’ve also seen people put a teensy 4.0 inbetween the encoder and the drive to help with counting the signal .

It should actually work, we’ve suggested the AS5311 for a long time but nobody’s tried it. See ODrive encoder guide - Google Sheets

I’m still implementing the system.
Purchased another encoder head and had Ryan who is a engineer to make up some breakout boards.
The chips and breakout board look good from ams for the as5311 .
But hard to find magnetic strip.
Plus my concern is the start up configuration,
You recommend a absolute encoder.
Is there any examples of work arounds.
So it wouldn’t have to go through the configuration every time.

Eg home stop end position.

Use the index pin, or use an endstop as an index.

Do you have a link to magnetic tape /strip
Thanks in advance.

I might have found magnetic strip tape 1mmto 5mm pole separation.
Waiting for prices

I do not. Please let us know if you find a good supplier.