Linear motor (as an on/off actuator)

Ok, so I have iron core linear motor that I’d like to use as an actuator. There are no hall sensors on it. What I want to do is to have it working as an actuator. Basically, pushing all the way out and pulling all the way in. There will be a mechanical stop so I guess I can use current limiter (or some other sensor) to sense end positions. I have odrive as well. Since there are no hall sensors installed, my guess is that I can use it in a sensorless mode and just run it all the way at full speed until it stops due to over current. Or is there anything else I need?


Hi cmcraeslo,

Sensorless mode sounds like it would work for what you are doing. My advice is to also put your motor in sensorless mode and then use velocity control to test it.

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Hi. I finally have all the parts ready to connect. I’m struggling with getting it to run. I get axis error 65. Not sure what exactly to set for poles and kw in this situation? Also, following up the sensorless tutorial, nothing moves after I set the requested state. I’m kinda lost on what to do.

Try dump_errors(odrv0), it’ll give you an actual printout of the errors with words