Live plot failing. Odrive 3.6

any idea how to cure this error when trying to use the live plotter:

old_wakeup_fd = signal.set_wakeup_fd(wsock.fileno())
ValueError: set_wakeup_fd only works in main thread of the main interpreter

Are we the only ones to have this problem ? :sweat_smile:

it was fine until my Raspi SD card failed and I had to reinstall everything. I need it running as I have a new motor to tune so I’m stuck right now…

liveplotter is technically doing things that are not valid python, so it’s somewhat expected that it doesn’t work.

Haven’t figured out what exactly it is that causes this specific error, but I suspect it’s a version thing? I’m on 3.10.6 (64-bit)

3.9.2 on a Raspi here

Any update on this?

No plans to fix it. We’re moving to the ODrive GUI, so liveplotter is legacy code that was always a hack. Try going backwards to 3.8.10?