Low RPM control

I am intending buying the Odrive 52v version for a project which uses 2 hub motors, for a remote control golf trolley. The motors are approx 6in diameter, with 20 pole pairs, inside wheels of approx 10in diameter so i need to operate at low rpm, approx 70-85 rpm but with reasonable torque. Does anyone know if Odrive is capable of operating in this way, the motors are fitted with 120 degree hall sensors and it would be difficult to install encoders. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What is the Kv rating of the motor, the voltage determines the speed so you may not even need the 56v version. You need amps



I don’t know what the Kv is, the motors did run ok at those speeds using the original control board which
has blown. They run from a 7s lithium battery 29.4V which is why i was considering the 52V version.

Yes the main limitation to smooth low speed control will be the resolution of the hall sensors (which is a function of the number of pole pairs), and the mass of the load. If they worked fine with the original controller, it is likely that it will work fine with ODrive.

Thanks to you both for the replies, i will order one now as soon as they come back into stock.