Missing controller command move_to_pos

Hi all,

I am using an ODrive v3.6 and an SPI encoder, so followed this link to get the firmware updated:
SPI control firmware

All is good and the encoder is working, but I am noticing some missing commands in odrivetool, e.g. move_to_pos doesn’t exist, even though looking at the codebase it seems to be there in this branch:

Am I doing something wrong during the build?
I just followed the standard instructions and built/flashed the firmware in VSCode, then used the version of odrivetool that is in this branch.

In addition to this, does anyone know if the AS5048 encoder with SPI can be made to work on a more up-to-date branch of the code?
The firmware I am using is out-dated so there is a lot of mismatch between this and the docs, e.g.:

  • Cannot write to property current_setpoint (how do I do current control then?)
  • vel_limit_tolerance to 0 does NOT disable velocity check
  • No move_to_pos command

The RazorsEdge firmware is the most up-to-date.

Inputs have changed, please see the changelog: