More Arduino Examples

Hello Guys,

I was wondering if someone have more Arduino code working Examples to share. The examples on the library are limited. I am especially looking for :

-Arduino code which drives the motor in stepper mode (==> replace steppers in 3D printer)
-Arduino code which make the motor turn for more than 500 000 counts of the encoder. ( when I try it works only for a certain amount of counts, after that it overflows or something and doesnt turn anymore)

I think that examples are great to learn so if you have any other example please share it.

Have a great week :slight_smile:


James Burton is doing a project called Open Dog with ton’s of video and all the arduino code open sourced

I don’t believe any of that is step/dir mode or count over 500,000 though, so it might not be directly useful to you.

Thanks a lot!
I will have a look to his work. It might help understanding better the logic behind the commands.
I’ll give you news soon.