Mosfet is burned when I set pos_gain to 0.01

I am testing my odrive board(the version of hardware is 3.5 and the version of software is 0.4.1). When I set pos_gain to 0.01, the motor went crazy and odrive board was burned within one second. I saw a cloud of white smoke rising from the board. It was so scary. Maybe I should add an overspeed protection. I also set the speed gain at 0.1,the motor turned fast but the board is ok.

If I replace mosfet, can I fix it?

with a 8192 cpr encoder, a vel_gain of 0.1A per count/s is very very high. What was your current limit set to?

Did the mosfet even die or just the copper? To be sure you can replace the fets anyway. I think you need to carefully inspect the fried copper to know if it is possible to save the board.

Both overspeed and “unstable current controller” protection exist in the current firmware, specifically to avoid situations like this. If firmware version 0.4.1 is accurate, you are many versions behind. Please update odrivetool and your device’s firmware (

Sorry. I made a typo. I set pos_gain at 0.1 rather than vel_gain. The vel_gain is 0.0005 and I keep any other parameters of the controller as the default value.
Two MOSFETs died circled by the red lines but others are ok. By the way, I tested them using the multimeter.

And could you please tell me how to inspect the fried copper to make sure if the board can work?

Yeah, I just found it in the version 0.4.7. I added the overspeed protection into the firmware and it worked well. Thank you.