Mosfet Issue in Odrive v3.6 board

I am using Odrive v3.6 for driving a 320KV BLDC Motor for Robotics application.
I had set the current limit, requested current_state, max_regen_current, dc_max_positive and negative current to 90A.
Yet the 93A NTMFS4935NT1G Mosfets got damaged: Short between Drain to Source Terminal

I tried finding the Mosfet to replace;
But the manufacturer of this mosfet - ONSEMICONDUCTOR have stopped manufacturing this product
The other distributors like Rochester Electronics etc are selling these mosfets in bulk (1500 min)

I need Mosfets in a very less quantity of 10 pc for replacement.

Is there any source from where I can get these Mosfets?
Also, what is the reson behind this issue? (I think it is mostly due to current spikes, How can these spikes be avoided?)

Try NTMFS5C628NLT1G or any other mosfet that suits required characteristics.

I got no idea what kills these mosfets. I had same issues several times and switched to closed loop steppers, which works fine and reliable.


Voltage spikes, not current. Large inductances etc.

Pro and S1 have vastly improved inverter designs that have proven much more reliable. Recommend giving them a try