Motion platform 6dof


I’m Building a 6 dof sim racing rig using odrives but I need your opinion, so here is the question, if I use a reduction let’s say 1/2 the motor needs to run at 42.85714…V and draws 3.815A but when I use no reduction I need to use 21.42857…V to run it at the same speed, but then it uses double the current (7.63A). Now the thing is the motor uses double the current and that would mean double the heat (RI²), but the resistance is really low so does this matter? When I use reduction gears and pulleys and this would cost ±€25 per actuator so €150 in total, is that worth it it should I just cool my motors a bit extra?

Cheers Stijn

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I think you have your formula wrong. It’s current squared, not resistance

Oops, that’s what I meant to say, but still there is just a bit more heat right?
Cheers Stijn