Motor alignment methods

I am newbie on BLDC motor control and I want to develop an open source motor control software slowly. My purpose is implementing singe alignment but I did not understand it completely. The theory is for example applying U+ and V- since motor is aligning a known position. But how can I apply the voltage between U and V phases ? When I apply directly 12V for between these phases the current being too much. Please help me for understanding the theory…

Why? There are already a lot of good open source motor controllers out there. We are working with ODrive because we don’t want to develop the code, just use it to drive our motors.

If you are doing it just to learn, then you have a long way to go to get to your goal. I found the most helpful way of thinking about this kind of motor drive is first to study switchmode power supplies. (SMPS) The key to an SMPS is the inductor. When you work out why it’s there and what it’s doing, then come back to the motor controller and see if you can find the inductor. It’s not on the PCB of the motor controller, but there is an inductor in the system.

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