Motor compatibility check

Hi, I’m facing a MOTOR_ERROR_DRV_FAULT and before I continue debugging I want to double-check whether this motor is even compatible with an ODrive 56V v3.6. It’s a 24V brushless server motor with the following wiring definitions:

Getting this running with an ODrive seemed simple enough so I was surprised by the error. Any input is appreciated!

Hi, would really appreciate some input from the team on this :slight_smile: Should this motor be compatible with ODrive?

Er, there is nothing that suggests to me that it shouldn’t be compatible. And you say you were able to get it going for a while before the fault?
What were you doing when you had the DRV_FAULT ? Is the fault cleared after a reboot?
Are you using the ferrite rings? What is your power supply? Have you properly configured the brake resistor?

Other than the error, what makes you think that this motor might /not/ be compatible with ODrive? After all it is a low-voltage, standard 3-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with Hall sensors and an encoder.

Hi, sorry for the late reply to this. I faced that fault straight away, and I have a number of projects going on right now so I thought I’d send the motor details here as a sanity check before I got too deep in the debugging. Will be back to this project soon and will report when I have it working. Thank you!