Motor error code 0x10 on encoder calibration

Just getting started with odrive, and I’ve gotten through a couple of issues so far, but stuck on error code 0x10 when calibrating the encoder offsets. I’m using hall sensors (motor with integrated hall sensors), I did follow the guide for hoverboard motors (though this is not a hoverboard motor, it’s got a higher KV and resistance, but has other characteristics I need), and things generally worked up to the point of this calibration. The resistance is about 0.6 ohm/phase, if that’s relevant, and I’ve set a pretty low current limit (2 initially, bumped up to 8 while troubleshooting this error). I have tried gimbal mode (and many different calibration voltages/current) with no change. When I run the calibration, it immediately snaps to one position, then moves to another, then shuts off and reports the error (0x20 in axis, 0x10 in motor).

Edit: still stuck on this, tried various changes, including swapping out the shunt resistors, which didn’t really do anything. Replacing the halls with an encoder was encouraging (calibration lasted longer, moved both directions), but I think the encoder is borked, and it failed.

And you are sure it’s not encoder.error 0x10, that is a known issue with hall sensors? In that case see Encoder error ERROR_ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE.

motor.error 0x10 is something we have seen with incremental encdoers, and can be caused by very rapid triggering of the index input. So please check for noise there if that applies.

Getting motor.error 0x10 when using hall encoder mode on BOTH motors is not something I’ve seen before.