Motor is shaking and output value of the encoder changes a lot!

Hi, guys. I am using AS5047P as the encoder, but the output value of the encoder changes a lot. For example, if I set the position at 1000, the output value fluctuates around 1000 and the fluctuation range is around 50. I find the motor jittering. Is it normal? How can I stop it? Now, I am ready to buy the shielded wire. Maybe, it will work. I need your help.

hello UPUPGOO,
I think there can be several causes of such behavior. Did you try tuning the gain values? what is your odrv0.axis0.controller.config like? Also if you are using a small motor, the shunt resistor value may be inadequate to sense current well.

Hi, naktamello. Thanks for your suggestions.
I will try to change the gain value. And what is shunt resistor? Is it the power register on the Odrive board,? The power register is 0.47 ohm. By the way, motor jitter is difficult to see with eyes, only when you touch the motor with hands can you feel.

try decreasing vel_gain little bit. The shunt resistor is the current sensing resistor on the bottom side of the board. The stock shunt resistor is better suited for larger motors drawing more than few amps.