Motor loses control

While using odrive v3.6 56v in trap_traj mode for position control, after some switching to input_pos the motor seems to lose control . Initially, it rotates slow in either direction and then loses control(i.e., it can be easy moved by hand in opposite direction) and does not reach the position. However , dump_error(odrv0) also does not throw any errors.
My trap_traj values are as follows:
Vel_limit =50

controller’s vel_limit=50

Please help me with it …

What’s your motor and encoder? How are the two connected? This may be caused by the encoder slipping.

I am having Maytech MTO 5055-HA motor and AMT102 encoder from CUI Devices and both are directly connected (1:1 ratio) with a 3d printed cap. There’s no chance of encoder slippage.