Motor selection / Encoder


I’d like to use a ODrive for a CNC mill I own. It uses ball screws with 4mm pitch. I’m thinking about using two PROPDRIVE v2 5060 380KV motors. I’d like to get some feedback about this selection (I already used the motor guide spreadsheet).
I also plan on using a linear encoder on each axis (using the AS5311). Has anyone done this? Which magnetic multipole strip did you use?


Those are very similar to the motors available from the ODrive shop, except ours have a handy through-shaft and a D on one side :smiley:

The motor has a 40% higher KV. As I’m using a ball screw this should increase my maximum speed quite a lot.

How fast do you need to go? At 270 KV and 48V you’re looking at ~ 9000 rpm max on ODrive (motor drive limit). That’s above the encoder limit with the AMT102 (7500rpm)

I will only use 24 V as I already have several power supplies. With the 380 KV i will get to about 6300 RPM which is about 0.43 m/s. I also want to use a linear encoder on each axis.