Motor vibrates a lot after calibration

Hello everyone, I’m using an ODrive 3.6 24V,after finishing the procedure in “Getting Started” from the beginner guide, the motor connected to M0 vibrates in a high frequency with a small amplitude, but when an external torque is applied, (use hand to rotate it a little), it tries to move back, which is ok, but it starts to vibrate a lot. I didn’t see the same phenomenon on M1.
I’ve tried to connect the same motor and encoder to M0 then M1, the phenomenon only showed with M0.

Are you using the standard motor and encoder? What’s your wiring look like? If it’s only happening on one header then it’s likely you have some interesting wiring that’s picking up noise

I’m using a T motor MN5212, and AS5047D encoder, when I connect the same motor and encoder to M1 (just connect the three motor wires and encoder’s five ABI wires to M1), they work well. It seems the problem only happens on M0,

If you don’t use the odrive encoder, you have your own wiring, right ?
Are you using shielded cables and have connected the shielding to the right GND.
Are the motor and encoder cables overlapping or crossing.
How long are the cables.

I used the same hardware and encountered the same problem, did you solve it?