My mechatronics studies final project

Hi everyone,
My name is Amit and I’m a 12th-grade high school student.
These days I’m working on my mechatronics studies final project which is a “cubli” inspired project That I decided to name “Cubex”.
(If you are not familiar with the “cubli” project you should really watch this video)

At the moment, I’m looking for a motor controller for the project and it seems that the ODrive might just fit pretty well.
In order to be sure it will do the job, I would really appreciate if you guys can answer some question about the ODrive for me:

  1. My motor is a hall-effect sensored bldc motor. will I be able to get the current speed in real-time?
  2. Is it possible to control the velocity by acceleration? can I send acceleration values that will change the speed?
  3. In Velocity Control Mode - is it possible to command negative speed for reversed motion?
  4. Is the velocity control a closed-loop?
  5. Is the controller what some calls a “4-quadrant” controller? can it apply negative torque to the motor while it spins in the other direction?
  6. Can the ODrive be controlled from a microcontroller?
  7. Will it work well in low speeds with 18V and Continuous current of 4 Amps? (Max current 10 amps)

And last but not least - is there any way to get a discount as my budget is very limited?

The pictures below are from my fusion360 cad design of Cubex :smiley:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Interesting project, someone from my school is making the same.

  1. yes

  2. yes, take a look at the docs

  3. yes, take a look at the docs

  4. yes, but it would be better with an encoder tho

  5. I think so

  6. yes

  7. How slow do you want is to turn?

Last but not least, no, I used 3 ODrive’s in my graduation project (6 dof racesimulator) and I didn’t get a discount.


Carelsbergh Stijn

@Stijn_Carelsbergh Thank you for your answer.

about 7 - I want it to turn as slowly as about 30 rpm and even lower and it is also important that I will be able to decelerate until it will start spinning in the other direction and so.
Is it possible?

Amit Ramati

Depends on your encoder resolution and cogging torque. The higher the resolution and lower the cogging torque, the better.